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Keith and Carol have been married since 1975. They have 5 children, three from their marriage together and they have 11 living grandchildren. 

Keith was born and grew up in the Texas Panhandle. He and Carol raised their children in the Amarillo area.

They were each in ministry before they met and that is actually how they met. 

For thirteen years they traveled with a ministry group called Dynamics of Freedom. This group traveled doing at least one seminar each month. This group of ministers grew from 13 to approximately 70 ministers who worked together to bring freedom for many attendees. 

Keith was a contractor by trade and Carol owned a modeling and talent agency for many years. Because they owned their respective businesses they had the freedom to speak into many lives both at work and as they ministered to many on a personal and group level.

Today, they travel, do seminars and ministry as pastors and ministers see the need and call them to come in to their churches for services and conferences..

There are many more things we could put in this bio, but most of them are in the book, so you’ll have to read it if you want to know more.

Our Teachings


Let us help you unpack your  unnecessary luggage along the side of life's road.

Forgiveness, Judgments, Iniquities, Curses, Soul Ties, Deliverance, and Emotional Healing 

Your Choice


You write the story of your life one choice at a time!  Choose well!


Our Book

It is a stunningly beautiful part of Texas, just South of Chillicothe on Texas State Highway 287. The Comanche Indians made their home there and worshipped on the hills just South of the highway. On this cool October evening, we stopped on a flat side road, out of the traffic. That is when everything started to happen. I look back 30 years now and can still vividly remember the evening. It was twilight as we left the busy highway to rest for a while and talk about the weekend seminar we had just completed. I was traveling with three women from a seminar in Paris,  Texas. We were all seasoned in ministry with years of helping people to be set free from spiritual bondage. We had the engine running because it was a cool Fall evening. We were preparing to leave when a very ominous spirit came up to the car. We couldn't see it, but we knew it was there, and all of us felt its presence at once. It was still light enough to see clearly, and no human was anywhere near. The Lord spoke to me with urgency to leave now and not stop until He said to, then to not stop again without His instruction. We were more than eager to leave! We gathered speed as we traveled north to Amarillo, Texas. I'm thankful now, looking back at over 45 years of ministry this October that what happened that night and over the next two days had not happened on my first encounter with the spiritual realm. I don't think I would have been mature enough to face the horrors of the enemy we would face as the years have gone by. The spiritual world around us is very real, and you will read the rest of this story and many others in this book.

Are You Ready?

This book will drop you unexpectedly into a world you may not know exists!  A world of oddities and strange things, an unseen world that has been here from the beginning.  Walk now into this world with Keith Henderson as your guide.  

Come with us now to find out what is waiting on the other side of this thin often un-noticed veil.

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